River Eastwood  (Owner and Creative Director)

River Eastwood (Owner and Creative Director)


Golden Antler Design was born out of a need to bring client's creative work while still presenting myself as an artist. I decided to start my own creative business at the end of 2015 after serving as a Senior Designer at another creative company for over 2 years. During my time there, I was closely involved with clients and developing their marketing strategies. My duties included all aspects of the services we offered, from start to finish. Most of the time, I was the sole designer and I am so grateful for all of the learning opportunities that my time there offered. I decided to launch Golden Antler Design so that I could pursue the projects that were most inspiring to me and offer my clients my unique brand of creative marketing. 

As an artist and designer, I am passionate about communicating ideas effectively and beautifully. I believe that businesses will always need a visual representation of themselves and there is no reason that those visuals should be anything short of awesome. To do this, I bring several fields of study and experience to my services. My fine art background has taught me to communicate why something was decided upon, in detail. Backing up decisions is important because it lets clients in on all the research that went into a choice.

The name Golden Antler Design was chosen because of a connection to the quest of "big ideas". When starting a project, it is similar to setting out through a forest. I'm unsure of what I will find, but I know that the golden idea is out there. When I find that idea, that golden antler - I grab onto it. From there, creativity and hard work combines to produce impactful and beautiful results.


Golden Antler - Owner / Creative Director

November 2015 - Current

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Dot Ten Creative - Senior Designer

July 2013 - December 2015

Art Direction, Print and Digital Design, THINKlocal magazine, Advertising, Direct Mail, Web Design, Social Media, Branding, Identity Systems, Photography, Client Meetings, etc. Major projects included the Dot Ten website, the development and production of THINKlocal Magazine, the THINKlocal website, and doing work for over 200 clients.

Vaping Press Ezine - Creative Director / Designer

January 2013 - August 2013

Creation of what the EZine would be, all page creative content, ad creation, management, editing, production, and social media.

Kohl's Corporate - Digital Designer

February 2013 - August 2013

Click to edit position descriptionUpdating and Creating landing pages for the website. Photo editing and composition.


The Art Institute of Wisconsin - Associates of Arts, Graphic Design

2010 - 2012

I was the first student to ever graduate from Ai WI. Accomplishments include the design and branding of the school newsletter, 2 solo exhibitions, and 3 independent studies.

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) - Majored in Communication Arts and Photography

2006 - 2009


I love researching and reading on food, fitness, self healing, graphic novels, and historical fiction. I'm a complete Star Wars fanatic, the force is strong with this one. I enjoy losing myself in historical dramas, especially if they involve kings and queens. I love to get out into Wisconsin's beautiful landscapes by camping and hiking. My personal work includes photography series, writing, and limited edition merchandise / apparel designs.

I live with my in West Allis, WI but hope to get out on some more land sooner than later.

For more about me, visit my personal blog, River Runs Wild.

Wander & Explore

I love getting to know my clients and am inspired by their dreams. My goal with Golden Antler Design is to create lasting and great professional relationships with my clients. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with all of them (and hopefully you)!

Please feel free to see what I've been up to and what inspires me on my blog. If you've worked with me before, I'd love a review. Follow Golden Antler Design on social media for all the latest work and more.