Logo Design for an IV Wellness Line at Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge

Logo Work

Your logo is the work horse of all your marketing collateral. It must be able to stand alone and with other elements effectively. It tells the story of what your business is and stands for. Logo design is at the heart of branding, it's the foundation and must be strong. Golden Antler sets out to create logos that make clients elated about their business's visual identity. When you receive your final logo, the goal is that it is a visual piece that you want to share with everyone. Whether it's on your business card, on your storefront window, or on a t-shirt that your employees wear - the hope is that you are proud of it and love it.

The Golden Antler logo process is unique in that when you are given first draft options, they are 90% complete and ready to go. During the first round, I do research on your industry and create 5-10 effective logos based off of the mood and goal of your business. From there, clients choose what logo(s) work for them and we work to refine until we reach a final.

Once the final logo is created, clients are delivered a logo pack that contains all the formats they will ever need. Gone are the days of searching for that one jpeg of your logo that is too small or only works on one application. You will have files for everything - print, web, social media, apparel, signage and more.

To start the logo process, feel free to contact Golden Antler for a consultation.

"River is a creative genius at designing logos and branding for any product/company. The logo Golden Antler designed defines our brand and has brought in business to our firm. Will continue to work with Golden Antler on future projects." - Stacey Fleming from Cornerstone

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