Purity Service Group Stationary (Flyer, Business Cards, Envelopes, and Letterhead)

Branding Showcase

Your brand tells people what your business is, what it stands for, and what they can expect from choosing your business. It is the foundation that all other marketing initiatives are built on. Branding consists of several elements, the first being your logo. The logo is the name and face of your business. It carries a lot of responsibilities and should be created with much thought and consideration. Other elements of branding include what fonts are used throughout all materials, the few choice colors that are consistently, maybe there is a pattern that appears, photography choices, and more. All of these elements come together to speak for your business.

How do you want to appear... Friendly? Powerful? Trendy? Professional? A mix of many different personalities? Your branding can make it happen. Golden Antler Design works with clients at all stages of their business branding and identity. Whether you are starting from zero and need a visual identity, or you have certain elements that need to be organized and refined - Golden Antler Design can help bring everything together. Contact for a free consultation and brainstorming session, I'd love to talk.

"Golden Antler goes above and beyond with extra care for design ideas. River offers different logos and explains his thought process with each idea, after he meets with you to hear more about you, your ideas, goals, etc. I've worked with Golden Antler on other projects and am impressed the attention to detail, the follow up and the energy." - Jess from McHatch's Homemade Magic and JMY Yoga

Cornerstone Realtors

When Cornerstone Realtors first came to me for a logo design, they came with physical examples of materials and colors that they liked. Other than that, they know the brand/logo needed to appear professional, clean, sophisticated, and classic. Below to the left shows the ideas that were initially presented for the logo, color playing a major role in the overall mood. On the right is the final logo.

From there, stationary and identity materials were developed including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and thank you cards. Every piece that Cornerstone uses needs to reflect the care and quality they bring to their clients. Cornerstone Realtors advertises in M Magazine, ads were developed that showcased the properties for sale. During this process, their offices were being completed in the 3rd Ward. Signage was designed along with interior elements that backed up the branding throughout.

All of the luxe and clean elements of the physical materials that Cornerstone had needed to be reflected in their mini website. The website has a clean expanse of white and a relaxed feeling. The user is given a company snapshot and by utilizing beautiful client provided photography, the site is very personal.

"River is a creative genius at designing logos and branding for any product/company. The logo Golden Antler designed defines our brand and has brought in business to our firm. Will continue to work on more projects with Golden Antler." - Stacey from Cornerstone Realtors

Cornerstone Realtors Logo Proposals

Cornerstone Realtors Final Logo

Cornerstone Realtors Business Cards

Cornerstone Realtors Ad for 3rd Ward Milwaukee Guide

Cornerstone Realtors Stationary (Business Cards, Envelopes, and Letterhead)

Cornerstone Realtors Ads for M Magazine

Cornerstone Realtors Sidewalk Sign

Cornerstone Realtors Mini Website

Sal's Pizza Eastside

Working with restaurants is always fun and challenging. There are several elements to think of that often need to be produced very quickly when a restaurant is first opening. Sal's Pizza Eastside was looking for a fresh new brand that would appeal to college students and the Eastside Milwaukee community. Below on left shows the options that Sal's was presented. The final is pictured on the right. The logo features bold red partnered with the golden hue of a perfect crust. Overall, the emblem logo is strong across the board for anything from signage to t-shirts.

Print materials were created next including menus, flyers, and punch cards with a custom stamp. Store signage was created including window posters and the interior menu boards for above the counter. Everything needs to be easy to read and since Sal's has many specialty pies, a lot of info had to fit in a small space.

The website needed to be launched quickly and we worked together to create something that showed off Sal's delicious slices but was also easily responsive and could be used even when tipsy at 2am. The site features a smooth one page design which is very mobile friendly, full menu, online ordering, social media integration, contact info, and job application.

Sal's Pizza Eastside Logo Proposals

Sal's Pizza Eastside Final Logo

Sal's Pizza Eastside Menu (Outside and Inside, Trifold)

Sal's Pizza Eastside - Interior Menu Boards (for over the counter)

Sal's Pizza Eastside - Apparel Design

Sal's Pizza Eastside - Responsive Website

Sal's Pizza Eastside - Web Design and Art Direction (view site)

J.P. Haase Jewelers

A long standing jeweler in the Milwaukee area, JP Haase Jewelers was moving to a brand new retail space and decided that it was the perfect time for a brand makeover. The old logo had become dated and this was an opportunity to slightly reinvent the feel of the store. When doing research for their logo, I gained inspiration from top fashion brands. Clean and elegant lines along with flourishes and classic type came together to produce beautiful logos. Below left shows the options that were presented and on the right is the final logo. The JP Haase logo is used in 3 different colors depending the background. By combining deep black with soft gold and white, the logo presents a refined mood.

Notifying customers about their move was key, mail campaigns and ad campaigns in THINKlocal Magazine were launched to get the word out. The branding grew richer when art direction was discussed. The idea was pitched to show jewelry along with natural elements of wood, feather, leather, etc. Vince Haase, an owner, loves photography and decided to take the initiative to start presenting jewelry in this fashion. The results have been stunning! The images have gone into print and the website.

The website is set on lush white space, open and airy - it welcomes the user to browse the site. The product is shown front and center. Color plays a big role in the softness of the site. Features such as easy photo uploading and large galleries are key to engaging the potential buyer. Overall, the JP Haase branding is beautiful, classic, and elegant - just like their products.

J.P. Haase Jewelers - Logo Proposals

J.P. Haase Jewelers - Log Gold Foiled

J.P. Haase Jewelers - Business Cards

J.P. Haase Jewelers - Final Logo

J.P. Haase Jewelers - Diamond Icon

J.P. Haase Jewelers - Direct Mail Campaign

J.P. Haase Jewelers - Web Design and Art Direction (view site)

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