Established in 2015

As an artist and designer, I am passionate about communicating ideas effectively and beautifully. I believe that businesses will always need a visual representation of themselves and there is no reason that those visuals should be anything short of awesome. To do this, I bring several fields of study and experience to my services. My fine art background has taught me to communicate why something is effective, in detail. Backing up decisions is important because it lets clients in on all the research that went into a choice.

The name Golden Antler Design was chosen because of a connection to the quest of "big ideas". When starting a project, it is similar to setting out through a forest. I'm unsure of what I will find, but I know that the golden idea is out there. When I find that idea... I grab onto it. From there, creativity and hard work combines to produce impactful and beautiful results.

Having my own design business has allowed me to serve clients with high standards and personal care. I love to work hard and give it my all. My dedication is what has allowed me to build lasting business partnerships with my clients. What often starts as "just a logo" turns into years of projects together.

I would love to hear about you and your business. Let's talk.

River Eastwood Owner & Designer